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In this article we will see  how an auto driver son become an IAS.


IAS is the dream of many but a few odd can do hardwork and can achieve the dreams of become indian administrative service (IAS).

ANSAR SHAIKH is one of the great administrator , serving this nation with pride also he is the youngest ias who has cracked upsc exam in the very first attempt itself and have shown to the people of nation that if there is will there is a way.

Once upon a time when ansar went to pune to start preparing for upsc , while finding for accommodation he has faced religious issues as a muslim , PG owner denied him to stay at their room while all of his friends already got their rooms and accommodation facilities.

Ansar shaikh had to put his name as ‘subham’ to get the room so that he could start preparing for his dream examination i.e. UPSC. This was one of the horrifying moment for the students like ansar as said by ansar shaikh.


He cracked UPSC in at the age of 21 , where most of students are busy in playing cricket. However cricket is important practice but become a gully boy is not.

He belongs to a village of maharastra ,and he lives with his family , who are having very low economical background.

He has done his BA from a reputed college of pune and from the first year onwards , he  prepared himself for one of the reputed post – IAS and started reading more than 13 hours per day consecutively for his entire graduation.

As per ansar shaikh , he has faced many problems regarding religious issues while he was preparing for the exam of upsc but he managed to tolerate with all the odds coming towards him to prevent him preparing for the examination of upsc.

ansar have proved that nothing is impossible if the will power and dedication towards the study is strong.

Now he has become a source of motivation for everyone that even a poor can become this much big in his life journey by cracking one of the coveted exams like UPSC.

This exam is termed as most difficult and having cut throat competition among toppers as well.

As per ansar told he came from that background which needs improvement in our society because that is underdeveloped one , so civil servant like ansar shaikh can completely relate with the all of those poor people and can find out the root cause of problems among the poors and under rated people as well as the condition of our society.

Ansar shaikh got to know about this examination when he was in class 10th as after being inspired by his teacher who has cleared MPSC exams.

As per him , he has faced some problem while preparing for the examination as he did not have to eat food for 2-3 days but he kept himself preparing for the exams in any constraints.

“There is no alternative of hard work. During my struggle , my friends helped me a lot mentally and financially and even my coaching academy relieved me by giving a huge discount due to my poor financial condition, ” said ansar shaikh.

Beside his hardwork his younger brother have a huge contribution in his life as the younger brother left his studies so that ansar can become an ias.

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